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SSL Certificate Warning

SSL certificate warning on devices when connecting to a mail server




Update: 30/04/2021 08:45 BST

Email SSL certificate warning on Apple (and other)

devices when connecting to a mail server


We have recently been notified that Apple Devices – this includes, iPhone, iPads, Macbooks and iMacs, that they have changed the way they interpret the SSL certificate when getting your emails from the Email Server.

When a  SSL certificate is changed or renewed (which will happen at least once a year) something called an “exception” needs to be made on the device (e.g your iphone,ipad etc..) trying to access the email server.

Apple devices should let you do this the first time you connect, but when our SSL renews, Apple devices will show another Certificate Mismatch error (similar to when you set the mail account up), but won’t allow you to ignore the warning.

To put it simply, Apple wont allow you to just ignore a warning whereas other devices may allow you to either ignore the warning or allow you to accept the new certificate. This is due to recent Apple updates to IoS.

Because the warning continues on an Apple device, it seems as though your emails are not working, due to the fact you cannot dismiss the error message permanently.

This could mean that you are seeing errors popup on your device like the one above. 

What you can do – 4 Options


1. Edit hostname of server (not as scary as it sounds)

To overcome the changes to Apple devices,  we can change the incoming (IMAP/POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) servers to use the actual hostname of the email server.

If you don’t have the * type hostname please use the  contact form below  with your domain name so that we can supply you with your email hostname.

To change the incoming (IMAP/POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) servers


2. Turn off SSL – This does however mean that your connection to the server will not be secured.

You can just turn off ‘Use SSL’ in the settings by going to:

1. Settings
2. Passwords & Accounts
3. [Your Account]4. IMAP
6. Primary Server
7. Turn Off ‘Use SSL’
8. Done
9. Account
10. Advanced Settings
11. Turn Off ‘Use SSL’
12. Account
13. Done

This does however mean that your connection to the server will not be secured.

3. Exception via Keychain

Or you can try to add another certificate exception manually via Keychain, but this isn’t something we would be able to help with.

4. Remove and Add Account 

A final option would be to remove the email account from the device and then add it back again so that a new exception (Trust) can be created. We only recommend this option if you are using IMAP and all your existing messages are kept on the mail server. If using POP3 you would need to ensure that your email messages are fully backed up before deleting.

Also, if you ever find that this hinders you from accessing your email, you can also access your email using Webmail at  

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